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Episode 041 – The ‘Final’ Episode

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Hey everybody! You’ve been listening to the greatest movie podcast ever made!

And, boys and girls, we don’t know how to break it to you, but THE MILKSHAKE BOOM is going on an extended hiatus…but its for good reason!

In this episode, we detail the hows and whys of this decision, give our final movie recommendations, and we also talk about some of our favorite TMB moments!

Thank you all again for listening and we hope you continue to follow us in our future endeavors.

And remember, the greatest trick THE MILKSHAKE BOOM ever pulled was convincing the world it didn’t exist…and like that it’s gone.

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This week’s episode features:

The Hosts :

Robert James Haynes (@robertjhaynes)

Christine Carstairs (@DSLR_Girl)  (

Robin Kaufmann (@robinjkauffman)

Jose Rivera (

Summer Update!

Robert on the set of Christine's commercial shoot

Robert (left) dresses a skeleton soldier on the set of Christine’s commercial shoot

In case you missed our announcement on the most recent episode of THE MILKSHAKE BOOM, we have a big summer update! Because all four hosts have a number of projects scheduled over the next couple of months, we will be delivering new episodes to you on a biweekly (or semi-monthly if you prefer) basis for the summer.

Basically, all this means is that you’re getting two amazing podcasts every month for the next three months!

So, stay tuned to this space next Thursday when we drop our ‘Tales From The Crypt’ episode!

The Cherry on top – Q & A with the hosts!

RJH in Scott Pilgrim Form. Artwork by Jose Rivera (

RJH in Scott Pilgrim Form. Artwork by Jose Rivera (

Today THE MILKSHAKE BOOM introduces a special bonus episode we are calling THE CHERRY ON TOP! In the future, these bonus CHERRY episodes will be released on occasion in order to cover topics that don’t fit the regular show’s format. Topics such as extended interviews with upcoming guests, a director’s spotlight, and movie discussions that just can’t be contained in our regular weekly episode!

Robin Kauffman and Jose Rivera recording the 'Teen Witch' episode of THE MILKSHAKE BOOM.

Robin Kauffman and Jose Rivera recording the ‘Teen Witch’ episode of THE MILKSHAKE BOOM.

In this debut episode, we discuss the origins of the podcast name, introduce our hosts and answer some listener submitted questions. How do you suggest a film to be watched by the panel? Just who were our movie crushes?

Robert James Haynes, The Milkshake Boom, Podcast

Robert James Haynes, Host of THE MILKSHAKE BOOM.

Christine Carstairs cameo in The Milkshake Boom Promo she shot

Christine Carstairs cameo in The Milkshake Boom Promo she shot

Fans of the regular show, don’t worry though, because you’re still getting the regular episode every week. This Thursday, tune in as we find out who the master really is with 1985’s ‘The Last Dragon’!

Listen to the CHERRY ON TOP:

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or listen below:

P.S. Do you have a question for our hosts or topic suggestions? Contact us!


This week’s episode features:

Host: Robert James Haynes (@robertjhaynes)

Co-host: Christine Carstairs (@DSLR_Girl)  (

The Panel :

Robin Kaufmann (@robinjkauffman)

Jose Rivera (



The Milkshake Boom Video Promo!

Quite possibly the greatest promo video ever made? All credit goes to Christine Carstairs for this bit of mad genius.

This video for The Milkshake Boom podcast was created out of extra footage shot during camera & lighting tests, or created in Adobe After Effects by Christine. She would like to clarify the the exploding logo was the brainchild of Robert James Haynes though.

You can check out more of her work on, or follow her on twitter (@DSLR_Girl)