Monthly archives: November, 2015

Episode 033 – Hard Rain

Hard Rain 1998 Movie Poster USA

This week THE MILKSHAKE BOOM is back in full effect and we play a little bit of catch up about our whereabouts before subjecting returning guest Erin to Jose’s favorite Christian Slater movie!

That’s right, a ‘Hard Rain’ is a-gonna fall as we flood your earballs about this 1998 disaster/heist film directed by Mikael Salomon and starring Christian Slater, Morgan Freeman, Randy Quaid, and Minnie Driver!

Episode 032 – Prayer of the Rollerboys

Prayer of the Rollerboys 1990 Corey Haim sci-fi movie

*Just a quick note, ‘Episode 031 – Creature Features’ has still not been indexed by iTunes due to a technical glitch. If you would like to listen to that episode you can either find other ways to listen on the episode page here, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes in order to see the episode. Why you need to subscribe to see that episode and only that episode, your guess is as good as ours.*

Bow down before the one you serve, THE MILKSHAKE BOOM are going to give you what you deserve: The 1991 film ‘Prayer of the Roller Boys’! Directed by Rick King and starring Corey Haim and Patricia Arquette, this sci-fi dystopian nightmare will never let you look at roller blading the same way again. We welcome returning guest Dan Repp, events coordinator for the Other Worlds Austin Film Festival as we discuss our favorite sci-fi dystopian films, Roller Boys, and have an extended discussion on Star Wars!

“The Encouragement Clown” – A Milkshake Boom Production

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 9.42.48 PM

We don’t just talk about movies, we make ’em too! Here are some new stills from the upcoming short film ‘The Encouragement Clown’ from writer/director/Milkshake Boom host Robert James Haynes! We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the film, but in the mean time you can visit the website of the director of photography (and Milkshake Boom cohost) Christine Carstairs right here for some exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ photos!