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Just in time for Halloween, THE MILKSHAKE BOOM bring you a monstrously spooky episode on ‘Creature Features’!

We define what ‘Creature Feature’ means to us, talk about some of our favorites including the old-school Universal monster movies, delve into the tropes of the genre, and answer once and for all if zombie movies can be considered ‘creature features’.

We also answer some listener questions, formally apologize to Christian Slater, and accidently invent the ‘killer trucks on a raft’ subgenre!

Listen on iTunes (link coming shortly – tech issues), StitcherLybsn or download. Or you can listen below! (NSFW)

Bonus – check out Christine’s short creature film mentioned in the episode below!

And for those curious about the production – here’s some behind the scenes info on ‘Drastic Measures’


This week’s episode features:

The Hosts :

Robert James Haynes (@robertjhaynes)

Christine Carstairs (@DSLR_Girl)  (

Robin Kaufmann (@robinjkauffman)

Jose Rivera (